A Balloon Ride Over Tuscany

We stuck the landing.

Waking up in Venice.

Want to witness the true beauty of a destination? Wake up before the sun rises.

An Irish Wedding

As a fan of good parties and an even bigger fan of Guinness beer I was looking forward to the festivities.

The Statue of Liberty

What better place to visit on Election Day?

SCUBA diving in Turks & Caicos...with Mike Nelson

I guess at some point my mind wandered.

Beaches - Turks & Caicos

Just back from a short vacation at Beaches in Turks & Caicos.

Aspen Highlights

A small experiment in portability.

Napa Valley 2013

Napa Valley is beautiful in October.

Diving Sint Maarten with the GoPro

Underwater with the GoPro...on a stick.

Deer Valley, UT

Top of Empire @ 9,570 ft. - Deer Valley, UT

Napa Valley 2012

The Wine. The Food. No photo can do Napa Valley justice.

Around The World

Have camera, will travel.

London New Year 2011-2012

Here are a few shots just to prove that I was there.

Ireland 2011

Dublin to Cork to Mayo to Galway to Dublin to Belfast to Dublin. Powered by Guinness.