A Boy & His Dog & A Cinemagraph

Hardest part was getting the dog to stand still.

An Irish Wedding

As a fan of good parties and an even bigger fan of Guinness beer I was looking forward to the festivities.

SCUBA diving in Turks & Caicos...with Mike Nelson

I guess at some point my mind wandered.

Timelapse: Hurricane Sandy

Shot from my living room window from 3 P.M. Monday October 29th to 10 A.M. Tuesday October 30th.

Timelapse: Time Warner to Grand Central

Just a test using a GoPro Hero2 camera to record the walk from the Time Warner Building on Columbus Circle to Grand Central Station.

Grizzly Man

Remember "Grizzly Man?" How about "Jack-FM?" Well, a few years ago we were pitching a concept and...

Timelapse: Central Park @ 1fps

On Sunday March 11 Filmmaker Holly Sugrue and I hit New York's Central Park for what we called a "7D Adventure."

Ossining Video Producer Jumps Into Fascinating New Project

Peter Barossi constantly has his eyes open for the next great story.